get better SEO by using responsive design in website development

SEO Friendly Website Design

Your business needs a website which is search engine optimized and compatible across a range of devices, from phones, tablets and laptops- right through to desktop computers. The SEO friendliness of a web site has a profound effect on the crawling, indexing and ranking of the pages, within search results. Once you’ve earned the click- your users have an expectation of what they should be seeing- and what should be happening for them, once they arrive at your site.
Read through the following points- and see how your website meets the criteria presented here. One of our seo services is redesigning or rebuilding a website to become more SEO compliant.

Design Characteristics of High Ranking Websites

Search engines assess user experience- and humans value it when it’s great, and never come back when it isn’t. The design of your website is imperative in convincing the person browsing your site- that you are a real business and worthy of their time, money or both.

Well designed websites offer search engines the following things:

  1. Ease of crawling through the website
  2. A clear content hierachy
  3. At least one normal text link to every page
  4. Content written with good semantics- by an expert writer so it all makes sense
  5. A design that is responsive- with elements scaling for the device
  6. A sitemap

Humans will love these things too. Let’s add some elements to this list, designed for real people. You know- the ones who surf your web property in the hope of fulfilling a need.
They’ll also look for:

  1. Easy fulfillment of their goal expectation of the visit
  2. A design that doesn’t overwhelm them- especially if this is their first visit
  3. Content which addresses the need at the front of their mind as they clicked the search engine listing
  4. An easy way to get in touch- even if they can’t call you right now
  5. A simple way of returning to the Home Page
  6. Fast loading pages
  7. Trust signals- Address details, Testimonials, Familiar Icons especially if you own an eCommerce website

These elements only skim the surface of what makes a great site. If you need expert website development, redesign or a new build right from the very beginning, speak with us about our website designing service in Melbourne. Use the contact form on this page.