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SEO Courses Melbourne

We offer a selection of SEO courses at different levels. Practical workshops guide you through the methods of improving websites and web pages for enhanced visibility in organic search. A search engine optimisation class can be taken at our teaching rooms, at your workplace or facilitated over the internet. We also offer SEO training sessions at other convenient located bricks and mortar locations. These locations can include the Melbourne CBD or your office, factory or company headquarters. Study is lead by an experienced seo consultant with experience delivering successful campaigns throughout a range of industries.

All training sessions are self-contained and completed on the day. They also include specific notes, tailored to a website of your choice. These provide you with clear, actionable guidelines to follow, when you do your own SEO. A follow up review and assessment of the work done, is also included as part of the training. This is to see how well the principles taught have been put into practice.

A review is made, progress is assessed and recommendations are suggested for moving forward.

Dates are posted as they become available. There are regular SEO courses in Melbourne, for people who are forward planners and need to arrange time to attend.

SEO Course for Beginners

Learn to implement successful best-practice search engine optimisation techniques correctly- from the very beginning. This course walks you through laying the foundation for a successful climb up the ranks of search results. In many cases, this could be the only course you ever need to do, in order to maintain momentum in most markets. Remember- it’s highly probable that your competitors’ online marketing efforts will be limited by their budget. If you do your own website optimising, you’ll be able to do as much as you need to fend off competition. Most of the errors we see on the websites we review and analyze as part of our comprehensive seo services fall within the scope of material taught at beginner level SEO training.

Intermediate SEO Course

Intermediate search engine optimisation courses are for people who have had some experience in SEO and are ready to move beyond the fundamentals. You can feel confident taking this training session if you have had success with achieving traffic gains through organic search for some of your keywords. If you are comfortable with making edits to website code and core files, then definitely enroll for the intermediate training session.
The syllabus looks at advanced on-page improvements, better template scripting and how to uncover hidden keyword opportunities which are likely to have been overlooked by your competitors.

Advanced SEO Course

If you have an understanding of the principles of search engine optimisation, and want to take your knowledge to a higher level- the advanced course is for you. Syllabus topics centre on researching, plan development and implementing SEO campaigns when keyword competition is strong. Before considering this course, you should be fully capable of editing files on your web server. Modifying core php files, or html files- should be second nature to you. You should understand CSS and inheritance as it applies to web page styles. Implementing changes to server side files and redirecting URLs should come easily to you.

SEO Training Inhouse

We provide in-house tailored training sessions which cover anything from page level SEO, off-page or inbound SEO- as well as Adwords (search engine advertising) coaching, internet marketing- and advanced web development. We can guide your staff- marketers, development teams, content writers and search engine advertising account administrative personnel. Our trainers’ skills are comprehensive, with experience managing enterprise-level accounts, search market for national brands who dominate their industry- as well as small businesses who use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or proprietary content management systems. We have lots of hands-on experience with eCommerce, optimising websites which sell products, with multiple configurable options. We can coach staff on specific eCommerce SEO techniques to use, when many retailers all sell the same item from the same manufacturer.

SEO Mentoring

Here’s the perfect way to get on-demand SEO support, at any level as needed. Your own private digital marketing coach will solve all your SEO problems. Get specific-issue help when its needed. If you need someone to coach you as you grow your search engine optimisation skills, this option is ideal. Your coach will mentor you, as your business grows- with increased web traffic. Rest easy knowing that someone is overseeing your search campaigns and looking out that no mistakes slip through the net. This arrangement works for individuals, and businesses large and small- with or without digital marketing staff.

We are leading SEO training providers and mentors. We coach and tutor businesses and individuals at any level. Our SEO courses have helped people throughout all industries and professions. Complete the contact form on this page for more information- and take the first step towards learning SEO properly.